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LG-TEK has openings for experienced and qualified individuals. We offer competitive benefits
and salaries. Requirements vary according to position but may include: Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience and proficiency in current systems development techniques.

LG-TEK is an equal opportunity employer. Interested and qualified individuals should
send a resume and check for our upcoming career fairs to meet us in person.

Current Opportunities

Senior Software Engineer
Systems Administrator 

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LG-TEK is a government contractor and private industry service provider who welcomes and accepts resumes and/or employment applications from Internet Applicants. We consider an applicant as 1) an individual who applies for employment with LG-TEK, and 2) satisfies the following criteria:

  • Submits a resume/employment application for a posted job vacancy. Resume/employment application meets the basic qualifications for the position according to the job posting or advertisement.

  • Applicant does not voluntarily withdraw their interest and/or consideration for a job opportunity prior to a job offer. Note: If you elect to withdraw from the applicant process after submitting your resume/employment application please email a communication requesting withdrawal from the applicant process to us at recruiter@LG-TEK.com.

  • Resume/employment application is submitted following the guidelines established by
    LG-TEK for submission.

Your resume/employment application will be added to LG-TEK's applicant database noting the date submitted and the position for which you applied. In order to be considered for an employment opportunity with LG-TEK or one of our clients, it is essential you meet all of the position's "basic qualifications"; according to the applicable job posting or advertisement. Basic qualifications may include your years of relevant experience and performance as it relates to a business goal, educational requirement, job specific licensure/certifications, and the like.

LG-TEK and its clients are equal opportunity employers. EOE.

Thank you for your expression of interest in a career opportunity with us.

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