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Team Members and Qualifications

LG-TEK understands the value small businesses provide to procurements such as Seaport-e.  LG-TEK has a successful history of bringing together various and diverse companies in the execution of our various government contracts. LG-TEK has assembled a diverse team of small businesses, and one medium size business, to perform the work on Seaport-e and to assist the government in fulfilling its mission.  The LG-TEK Seaport-e Team has the combined ability to support Seaport-e’s complex tasks at the highest level of quality, while maximizing small business participation.   The LG-TEK Seaport-e Team was additionally assembled to enable the Seaport-e Program in maximizing its small business participation goals. As shown in the following table, our team includes companies made up of various small business designations, with a diverse background of experience, skills, and quality services.

LG-TEK Seaport-e Team Members

Small Business Designation



Woman Owned

Veteran Owned



Hub Zone 













Team Member Qualifications

 Following is a list of the qualifications for each LG-TEK Seaport-e Team members. For additional information about each team, click on the link below each team member's name.

LG-TEK Seaport-e Team Members Team Member Capabilities

Advanced Programs, Inc. (API)

API’s mission is to provide government and industry with high quality, integrated system solutions across a broad range of computer architectures and operating environments.  API has been dedicated to outstanding performance for agencies involved with intelligence, defense and foreign affairs that require the development, production and life-cycle support of specialized computer and networking products and services. Our most typical customers are program management offices responsible for acquiring, deploying and maintaining computer and network solutions for field site operations.
API has been providing support services to the Intelligence Community (IC), U. S. Military and NATO Allies for over 40 years.  API’s certified staff can create test plans, offer design guidance, conduct prototype or production unit pre-scans, perform full production sample testing, develop test reports, make recommendations, and perform postproduction sample testing. For clients who need additional compliance support to multiple MIL or other industry standards, API seamlessly partners with industry leading recognized laboratories to streamline the compliance process and offer a full package solution for all your TEMPEST, EMI, Environmental, or other test needs.

  • API has the credentials, means, and personnel to support programs at all security levels (commercial through TS-SCI).
  • The Cyber Assurance Services (CAS) facility operates at the SECRET (Open Storage) level and has additional SCIF designated space to support up to TS-SCI level testing and production work.
  • RFI Engineering and System Design Services
    • API offers government agencies and system integrators, developing and designing products to meet defense and custom product functionality, access to our engineering and design expertise as a service. Either as joint partnerships or contracted tasks, API mechanical, electrical, cyber, system and TEMPEST engineers are available to assist client design and build products and solutions compliant with TEMPEST, EMI or ruggedization standards.
    • Engineering practices such as 3-D modeling, cross-function critical design review teams and rapid prototype development allows API to offer responsive support adaptable to the inevitable compressed product design schedule.
    • Additionally, API's extensive TEMPEST/EMI/MIL-STD testing resources allows API as part of the development process to pre-scan products to validate design integrity.
  • Assembly and Manufacturing
    • API offers complete ISO9001: 2008 certified product production services. From prototypes to full production runs, API has the production capabilities to support small (100 units) to mid-range custom (1000+) product builds for firms seeking to augment or outsource product manufacturing.
    • API offers secure manufacturing and assembly for system integrators and manufacturers.
    • API produces over 20,000 cyber assured/hardened products annually.
  • Life-cycle Support
    • API offers full life cycle support on the products we manufacture supporting field-site deployments for military and intelligence community missions worldwide. This support includes configuration management, documentation, training, installation, depot repair, break fix maintenance, support and issue tracking. A dedicated Customer Service Team support in coordination with geographically disbursed field personnel to deliver rapid and responsive support. API specialized repair and warranty agreements, cover:
      • Repair services performed in Europe and Australia
      • Repair service performed in secure facilities by cleared personnel
      • Shock, vibration, heat, etc.
      • On-site repairs
      • Extended warranties
      • Staging of spare equipment and parts
      • Configuration control, tracking and management
  • Training
    • Customers attending an API training class learn the proper disassembly and reassembly techniques for a particular product or group of products, reporting requirements, and the techniques to ensure that systems integrity is not compromised as they repair or preventative maintenance functions are performed. With completion, attendees receive a certificate of completion, an identification code, and access to our support website for technical data, configuration and log management of their devices. Training sessions are available at API offices or customer sites

API offers secure manufacturing and assembly for system integrators and manufacturers. TEMPEST, EMI, ruggedized and mission customized systems have been our specialty for over 40 years. API produces over 20,000 cyber assured/hardened products annually. Our cost effective design, prototyping, testing and quality focused production has made API the leading global supplier of TEMPEST and cyber assured products.

FutureTek Software Consulting LLC

FutureTek is a small company located in Austin, Texas.  FutureTek designs and builds custom software solutions for military, engineering, GIS and business applications that require expertise in distributed computing and networking, complex full-featured rich clients, relational databases, optimization and engineering design and analysis. FUTURETEK excels at rapid prototyping and proof of concept applications:

  • Multi-tier military, engineering and business applications, Java-based thick client development, database design and implementation, distributed systems, UML based design, rapid prototyping and proof of concepts, C4 apps for ArduPilot drones, GIS, RaptorX plugins
  • First widely deployed graphical interface for the HITS program that controlled a network of T/FDOA geolocation sensors and displayed the sensors, fix, ellipse and isochrones on a world map. This application also supported the display of streaming signal and playing of audio data corresponding to the geolocation fix.
  • Was the key server-side Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) architect of a web-based mission planning tool called Aperture, which was successfully deployed on JWICS and NSAnet.
  • Responsible for the software development of two RaptorX plugins for the NSA called DPACS and Touchstone and another for TrustComm called GreyMatter. DPACS provides command and control of a network of multi-rotor drones used to carry SIGINT payloads and Touchstone provides geolocation planning capabilities. GreyMatter provides the capability to view and analyze cell phone tower survey data within RaptorX.

FutureTek’s owner, Robert Ratcliff, has 24 years of experience developing networked aerospace engineering design applications for Boeing, including inverse wing design programs and a distributed multi-disciplinary optimization framework called MDOPT, which was developed and maintained by Mr. Ratcliff and his team for over 17 years. MDOPT was successfully used to design complex aerodynamic shapes for many of Boeing’s commercial and military airplanes and is still utilized today. He was also the primary aerodynamic wing shape designer for Boeing’s successful supersonic F-16-XL hybrid laminar flow control project managed by NASA as part of the High Speed Civil Transport (supersonic commercial jet) program. FutureTek’s areas of expertise are:

  • Laminar Flow Wing Design
  • Multidisciplinary Airplane Optimization
  • Network Communications
  • Enterprise Computing Management
  • Signal Acquisition
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Sensor Control and Data Visualization
  • GUIs (Visualization areas related UAV/Drones)
  • Multi-Rotor Copter Control and Display (Drones)
  • Control of Individual Motor Controls and Status Display (Drones)
  • LOB Display for a Network of Drones
  • Touchstone Query Interface and Display
  • 3D Surface Overlaid Contour Plot
  • World Wind NetBeans Plug-in for the GEOnet GUI


LG-TEK provides support to a number of government agencies to include the NSA, Department of State (DOS); Department of Justice (DOJ); Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA); Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Intelligence Security Command (INSCOM); Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA formerly Air Intelligence Agency) to name a few.  Our core capabilities include program management, Web development, software engineering, network operations support, systems engineering, and information assurance. Our foreign language services include training, translation, transcription, course development, and research. We also provide security services that include access control and escort support. Our corporate office is located in Columbia, MD, and a branch office in San Antonio, Texas.  We currently support contracts in Georgia, Hawaii, and Maryland, and Texas.  LG-TEK knows and understands the mission and requirements of the customers we support very well. LG-TEK is a woman/minority/veteran-owned small disadvantaged business. LG-TEK’s success has been attested through the receipt of a number of recognitions, including being among the Top Ten Fastest Growing Hispanic-American businesses according to Hispanic Business magazine and being selected by the Maryland Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs as one of the Top 100 Maryland Minority Business Enterprises for 2006.  LG-TEK brings the experience of an established company, the flexibility of a small business, and the innovation and energy of its people to support our customers as they strive to meet their goals and objectives, ultimately, to fulfill their mission.

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