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Seaport-e Quality Plan

Management Approach
LG-TEK has consistently utilized a successful management approach on all of our various contracts. Our contract management experience includes those efforts requiring only one company and few resources, to leading large efforts involving many companies and requiring many resources. Our approach has enabled our success as a leader in the intelligence community leading efforts in support of various agencies within the federal government, and each branch of the U.S. military. More importantly, our approach has enabled our customers to succeed in their missions, while realizing cost savings as a result of our proven, well-defined processes. Our approach revolves around superior Program Management practices. The following Program Management areas are summarized to provide a basic understanding of how the Seaport-e program will be managed.

Program Management
The LG-TEK Seaport-e Team utilization of a strong Program Management on the Seaport-e Program will provide the methods, plans, and approaches required to ensure that the Team is successful through each step of the standard Program Management (PM) processes of Initiation, Planning, Control, Execution, and Closeout. Our PM is responsible for ensuring our approach is followed during the execution of the Seaport-e Program, throughout the duration of the contract. Our PM will apply a variety of corporate processes, management techniques, and automated tools to plan, track, execute, and monitor all aspects of the contract, from management to financial to technical, in order to ensure superior execution of each Task Order (TO).

Contract Management
Understanding the scope of the contract, requirements, budget, and schedules are essential to successfully execute government contracts. This common understanding occurs with the formal contractual agreements through our Contract Management personnel and processes. All formal contractual changes, either with budget, requirements, or schedule are accomplished through the Contract Management functions. LG-TEK’s dedicated Finance, Accounting & Contracts Departments provide oversight to all of our prime and sub contracts. Our Team works together to ensure that all contract issues are addressed proactively, and in a timely manner.

Subcontract Management
LG-TEK utilizes established subcontracting practices and procedures to process and track subcontractor funding, staffing, invoicing and payment requirements. To accomplish this, our team is held together through the use of subcontract management processes. These subcontract management processes began with formal teaming agreements, requests for pricing data, and the sharing of proprietary data (resumes, past performance data, etc.). This process allows a free flow of information from LG-TEK to each of our team members to ensure changes are understood by all parties, invoicing is on time, reporting is accurate, and communication is accomplished.


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