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About Us

LG-TEK is a premiere provider of software development and life cycle support, networking, training, language support, facility planning and security.

LG-TEK provides state-of-the-art engineering and network consulting and design services to the industry. Focusing on the latest technological advances, LG-TEK matches your business goals and requirements with leading-edge technologies to design the robust and high performing data network architecture most suitable for your company.

LG-TEK's mission is to provide our customers with high quality consulting services and products in Information Technology, System and Software Engineering, Program Management, Linguistic and Training areas. 

Meeting customer needs is our number one priority. A major part of our success is based upon a customer-focused philosophy and we show it through some basic principles:

  • Top-Notch training programs
  • Superior candidates selection
  • Selection of the latest technology
  • Incorporation of technology & service
  • 'Proof of Concept' service model
  • Integration of customer priorities with business design

What is Our Business Focus?

  • Quality Consulting Services
  • Software Engineering
  • Multilingual Capabilities



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