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Environmental Sustainability

LG-TEK is committed to Environmental Sustainability practices and minimizing the footprint of our day-to-day operations. We are committed to finding new ways to operate in an increasingly environmentally conscious manner and further reduce our carbon footprint. Below are twelve practices we employ to increase our environmental sustainability.

1. LED Lighting Fixtures

The LG-TEK Corporate Headquarters office utilizes LED Lighting Fixtures, which are the most efficient type of lighting on the market, using 75% less energy and lasting 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

2. A Comprehensive Recycling Program

The break room in the LG-TEK Corporate Headquarters has a recycling been available for use with paper, plastic, and metal recyclable waste.

3. Reduced Paper Usage

Through the use of online portals, forms, time record keeping/reporting, and other digital tools LG-TEK has vastly reduced the amount of paper used in our day-to-day operations.

4. Low-Waste Break Room

The break room in the LG-TEK Corporate Headquarters utilizes reusable ceramic coffee mugs rather than disposables, and all disposable flatware available is biodegradable.

5. Office E-Waste Recycling/Donation

LG-TEK utilizes an E-Waste Recycling service to dispose of broken or obsolete electronics. We also donate used electronics when local schools have electronics donation drives. This keeps the toxic components from disposed electronic equipment out of landfills.

6. Video Teleconferencing

To eliminate unnecessary business travel, which can be substantial portion of a company’s carbon footprint, LG-TEK utilizes online Video Teleconferencing via Zoom and MS Teams for all applicable work meetings. LG-TEK has an “essential travel only” policy.

7. Motion-Sensors for Office Lighting

LG-TEK utilizes motion-sensor activated lighting in the Corporate Headquarters office to limit electricity usage and eliminate energy waste. In addition, we have a policy of personal responsibility, encouraging our employees to always turn off lights and electronics when not in use.

8. Green Commute Options

The LG-TEK Corporate Headquarters office is located in a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and is less than 500 feet from the Dorsey MARC Station, giving employees the greener commute option of taking mass transit via train or bus.

9. Flexible Dress Code

LG-TEK has a business-casual dress code allowing our employees to dress for the weather. This eliminates energy spent on heating and cooling.

10. Heat-Reflective Windows

All windows at our 6865 Deerpath Road office building are manufactured from a high-efficiency glass product in order to reduce energy used by the HVAC system.

11. Live Plants in the Office Space

Plants have been proven to decrease air pollution, as well as increase the mood and productivity of employees. The LG-TEK corporate office is decorated with several live plants.

12. Second-Hand Office Equipment

When available, LG-TEK has purchased pre-used durable office equipment (e.g.; conference tables, cabinets and desks) to eliminate unnecessary landfill waste.



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